Chrysanthemum, Mums, Chrysanths

Hazard Information

Route: Skin    Plant Part: Flower Heads

Scale: Low

Touching can cause itching skin and swelling effects. Inflammation and allergic reactions are treatable.


Common Name(s)

Chrysanthemum, Mums, Chrysanths

Latin Name

Chrysanthemum indicum



Orange and yellow varieties

100 to 200 species of Chrysanthemums, and they generally grow low to the ground, but can turn into shrubs.



The flower heads are somewhat toxic.


Touching them can cause itching skin and puffing up effect. Inflammation and allergic reaction is treatable.

Flowering Period

Chrysanthemum blooms are composed of many individual flowers (florets), each one capable of producing a seed.



Mainly gardens and allotments. Some varieties are cultivated for ornamental purposes.