Daphne Mezereon

Hazard Information

Route: Skin/Ingestion     Plant Part: All

Scale: Low

Vomiting, diarrhoea and weakness.

Berries have an acrid taste so few are normally eaten however can cause convulsions and death if they are.


Common Name(s)


Latin Name

Daphne Mezereum


The woody upright twigs are clothed in fragrant purple, pink or white blooms produced in clusters. The leaves are small, long and narrow with a pointed tip, pale green at first turning darker when fully grown. 


All parts of this plant are poisonous especially the seeds inside the berries. The berries on this shrub are red similar to red currants.


The berries have an acrid taste so usually few are ever eaten. The usual symptoms are a  burning mouth, vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness and in more serious cases convulsions and death. 

Flowering Period

Late Winter early Spring followed by red berries.


Unusual to be found wild in Britain. There are many different garden varieties so parks, gardens etc.