Hazard Information

Route: Ingestion     Plant Part: Blooms

Scale: High

Stomach ache, vomiting, weakness, sweating, convulsions and breakdown in body's blood circulation.



Common Name(s)


Latin Name

Hydrangea macrophylla



These poofy-flowered bushes can grow up to 15 feet tall with rose, deep blue or greenish-white flowers that grow in huge clusters. Native to Japan however can grow in multiple climates. 



Poisonous if blooms are eaten.


Hydrangea poisoning.

Blooms will can cause stomach ache that sets in sometimes hours after eaten. Typically, patients also experience itchy skin, vomiting, weakness and sweating. Some reports indicate that patients can even experience coma, convulsions and a breakdown in the body's blood circulation.

Flowering Period

Late spring and early summer. Flowers last for a considerable amount of time.


Woodland, Popular yard ornaments