Jerusalem Cherry, Madeira Winter Cherry


Hazard Information

Route:  Ingestion     Plant Part: All

Scale:  Low

Generally none life-threatening. May cause vomiting.



Common Name(s)

Jerusalam Cherry, Madeira Winter Cherry

Latin Name

Solanum pseudocapsicum



Can survive frosts and cold weather. They generally live up to 10 years, producing fruit usually in their 2nd or 3rd year, and every year after that. They are congeners of tomatoes and the fruit is extremely similar to cherry tomatoes in taste and texture, and are therefore easily confused with them.



The Jerusalem Cherry's poison is primarily solanocapsine, which is similar to other alkaloids found in their genus, such as solanine and atropine. Although the toxin is poisonous, it is generally not life-threatening.



May cause gastric problems, including vomiting and gastroenteritis


Flowering Period

Late spring.


These perennials can be grown decoratively as a house plant, but in some areas of Australia the plant has become a weed.