Stinging Nettle



Hazard Information

Route: Skin     Plant Part: All

Scale:  Low

Skin contact causes stinging and itchy. Can last for a couple days.


Common Name(s)

Stinging Nettle

Latin Name

Urtica Dioica


The plants can grow up to 1 metre ( 3 feet ) tall forming dense clumps. The leaves are ridged, coarse and pointed and are covered in stiff little hairs which sting. The flowers are green, spiky and packed close together, drooping down.


Although nettles can be eaten when cooked like spinach, it is the stinging hairs on the uncooked plant which cause the problem.


When in contact with the plant the skin reddens and little white bumps appear on the skin feeling very sore, turning to a constant itching which could last for a couple of days.

Flowering Period

Late spring through summer.


Woods, hedgerows, waste or neglected land. Almost anywhere.