Suicide Tree


Hazard Information

Route: Ingestion     Plant Part: Nut

Scale: High

Vomiting, slow feeble pulse, delirium, convulsive movements, coma



Common Name(s)

Suicide Tree

Latin Name

Cerbera odollam



Species of tree native to India and other parts of Southern Asia. It grows preferentially in coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas. It grows wild along the coast in many parts of Kerala, India and has been grown as a hedge between home compounds. It yields a potent poison, often used for suicide or murder.

The fruit, when still green, looks like a small mango, with a green fibrous shell enclosing an ovoid kernel



The nut contains cerberin, which stops the heart.



Symptoms have been repeated vomiting, a slow, very feeble pulse, delirium, convulsive movements and coma.


Flowering Period

From seed It should sprout within 3-4 weeks at temperature above 80-85F (Will take much longer at cooler temepature).



Tropical greenhouse's, garden centres